Install Self-Hosted Azure DevOps Linux Agent for Terraform Deployment

In this Azure DevOps and Terraform blog, we will set up a self-hosted agent to deploy Terraform infrastructure.

Using a self-hosted agent has several benefits over using an Azure-managed agent. One of them is that it allows longer run time and quicker deployment time, as there is no need to reinstall tools every time a job starts.

The process to deploy a self-hosted agent for Terraform is as follows:

  • Deploy Virtual Machine in Azure, local DC, or a different cloud provider
  • Create an Agent pool
  • Install agent software
  • Configure pipeline to use self-hosted agent

Create Agent pool

The first step in our process is to create an Agent pool using the following steps.

Open Organization Settings from the Azure DevOps console

Click on Agent Pools

Click on Add pool

Select Self-Hosted pool from the Pool type drop-down menu

Give the pool a name.

Click “New agent” to add a Virtual Machine to the pool of agents.

The “Get the Agent” page will list all the commands necessary to install the agent. Simply run these commands on your Agent VM.

Configure Service

To ensure that the agent is running as a service and is always online, you need to configure the service accordingly. To do this, use the following commands and follow the prompts. Please note that you will require a PAT (Personal Access Token) from the Azure DevOps portal to configure the service. Run these commands from the folder where the agent is installed.

Note: You will need a PAT from the Azure DevOps portal to configure the service.

From the agent installation folder, run the following commands and follow the prompts.

If successful, you will notice that the agent status has changed to Online and it is now ready for deployment.

Install Terraform

To install Terraform on Ubuntu Linux VM run the following commands.

Pipeline configuration

And lastly, change your pipeline pool to point to the new agent pool by using the following code.

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