Deploy Kubernetes Web UI (Dashboard) on Docker for Windows

One of the best things about Kubernets is that it comes with a great Web Interface called Web UI (Dashboard) that allows us to Manage and Deploy Containers and Applications.

Web UI (Dashboard)

The Dashboard is a web-based user interface that allows us to manage, deploy, scale, troubleshoot and monitor applications and resources running on Kubernetes.

Today, I will show you how to get the Web UI up and running on Docker for Windows 18.3x in a few minutes.

Get started

To get started I will run the command below that will go and download the Web UI from the internet.

kubectl create -f

Once the Web UI is download I will run the command below which will start the Web UI.

Note: Web UI can only be accessed from the machine you run the command below from.

The command below will create a secure tunnel and will start the Web UI service

kubectl proxy

Once started browse to the address below


In the first screen, I will select Skip

And below, I can access the Dashboard and manage and deploy containers.


Web UI is a must to have tool and also important to learn how to use and deploy a solution with.

In my next article, I will show you how I deploy a container using Web UI.

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