Enabling Network Protection With Intune

In this Microsoft Intune post, we will discuss how to protect devices from malicious attacks and scams using Defender Network Protection.

Defender Network Protection is an internet security service for managed devices that reduces the attack surface of devices and provides protection against malicious content and phishing scams.

Network Protection applies protection principles in Defender Web protection to the operating system.

Enabling Network Protection

We can enable Network Protection in Audit or Block mode to evaluate the feature’s impact. To allow Network Protection, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Intune console
  • Click on Endpoint Security
  • Click on Antivirus
  • Create a new policy
  • Set the Enable Network Protection setting to Enabled (block mode)

Once you have enabled Network Protection, assign the policy to devices. New alerts will show up under the Alerts page in the Defender console.

When Network Protection blocks a malicious threat, a toast notification will be displayed on the machine, and the user will be notified about the block.

Enable and Monitor Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) With Intune

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