Start Syncing a Windows Device Microsoft Intune

This Microsoft Intune blog post will show how you can sync a Windows Device using Microsoft Intune.

A Windows 10 or 11 device syncs with Microsft Intune every 8 hours by default. After a new device is enrolled on Intune, it syncs every 3 minutes for 30 minutes and then switches to the default schedule every 8 hours.

You might need to push a new profile to a computer immediately without waiting 8 hours.

Start Syncing a Windows Device Microsoft Intune

To sync a Windows device immediately, Open the Intune console

Click on Devices

Click on Windows

Locate the device that needs to be synced immediately

Click on Sync

After starting a sync, Intune will contact the device and request a sync. If the device is offline and cannot be contacted, Intune will try another 3 times and switch to the default sync schedule (8 hours).

So before syncing a device, make sure it is online first.

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