Create an Access Package With Entra Entitlement Management

This Microsoft Entra blog post will show how to create an Access Package with Entra Entitlement Management.

Access packages allow us to logically group resources like groups, Teams, applications, SharePoint sites, and roles and assign them to users as a bundle but, most importantly, apply policies that define who can request access to them, how long the package is assigned to a user and more.

Access packages are listed in a catalogue that contains a directory with multiple packages to which users request access based on their role or project.

All requests go through an approval process and get approved with time-limited access.

Create an Access Package With Entra Entitlement Management

You will need a Microsoft Entra ID P2 to create an access package.

From the Entra ID portal, click on Identity Governance

Click on Access packages

Click on, New Access package

Fill in the following details

  • Name
  • Description
  • Catalog – Select default

Add the resources you would like to bundle in the Resource roles in the package.

In the request part, configure how requests are processed.

In the Lifecycle tab, we can configure when access packages expire and if they require a review.

Once packages are configured, users can access them from the following URL:

To select a package, they click on the Request button on the right side of the package.

In the request page, they need to answer the question and set a request period (optional)

Once submitted, the manager or assigned admins will receive the request.

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