Detach a Managed Disk From an Azure Virtual Machine

In this blog post, I will show you how to detach an Azure Managed disk from an Azure Virtual Machine.

About Azure Managed Disk

Microsoft Azure Managed Disk is a new virtual machine disk type that is not part of a storage account.

These disks have better performance and scalability across Azure infrastructure.

Detach a Managed Disk

Last week, I had to detach an unused managed disk from one of my Azure virtual machines, and I follow the following steps

Turn off the virtual machine; this step is mandatory.

From the VM left menu, click on disks.

From the top menu, click on edit.

Wait for the VM to entirely turn off and using the right three-dot menu, click on Detach.

If the option is grey out, the VM is not off yet.

Wait a few minutes, and the disk will be detached.

After the disk has been detach, it can be deleted from Azure.

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