Deploy a Basic Application to Azure AKS

After I showed you how to deploy a Web App to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using.YAML today I will show you something a bit simple.

Today, you will see how I deploy an Nginx webserver to AKS in two minutes and make it available to the outside world.

In his post, I will use the AKS Kubernetes Dashboard also known as Web UI.

About AKS

Released a few weeks ago and currently, in public preview, AKS offers a managed Kubernetes cluster that can be scaled up and on-demand without needing to configure Containers, host, storage networks, etc.

Get Started

Before you start, make sure you visit my Deploy AKS articles.

Once my cluster is up and running I will start AKS Dashboard and click on the create button to the right top corner and select CREATE AN APP

In the app details, I will fill in the information below:

App Name: Nginx

Container Image: nginx:latest

Nuber of pods: 1

Service: External

Port: 80 and 80 for both

Next, I will click on Deploy

Once deployed it will take around 2 – 4 minutes for the container to be up and running and available externally.

After a few minutes, I will click on Services and my Nginx server is ready using the external endpoint listed

If I click on external endpoint I will see my server up and running