Question:How To Create A Send Connector In Exchange Server 2010

Answer: In order for us to send emails outside our organization we need to configure a send connector which is a sort of logical gateway through which outbound messages are sent.

The send connector is configured only on Exchange Server Hub transport or Edge server role.

To configure a Send Connector on Exchange Server 2010 follow the steps below:

Note: In this article I’ll configure a send connector the route email directly to the internet.

Open EMC -> Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Send Connector Tab

In the Send connector Tab, Right click on a blank spot and Click on New Send Connector.

In the Wizard Select Internet Connector

In the Address space page, Click on Add

In the address space type *

In the Network Settings Select Use Domain name system (DNS) “MX”

Note: If you are using a Smart Host as your gateway select the second option and type the IP address of the device.

In the Source Server select your Hub Transport server or servers.

Click next and Finish.